Something interesting on Diglossia

I have just read this excellent paper written by Dr. Reem Bassiouney at Georgetown University. It discusses the idea of the diglossic nature of Arabic from the point of view of an Arabic novel by Baha Tahir titled:الحب في المنفى Love in exile.

Enjoy reading it, it is attached here :

2 thoughts on “Something interesting on Diglossia

  1. elena

    Thanks Fatma for this interesting blog! I agree with you about the article of Reem Bassiouney: its an excellent one. Have you read her latest book “Arabic Sociolinguistics”? If you haven’t read it yet you should read it because its an outstanding work. Elena

  2. Thanks for your kind words Elena. Yes I have read her excellent book and if anybody is interested in Arabic sociolinguistics and they have not read it they are missing out the most up to date and in depth work.


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