Preservation of the Arabic language

The Arabic language is a unique language in that it has retained itself for over one thousand years. It is very possible for anybody with a good command of Arabic to understand an Arabic manuscript dating as far back as 600 years ago! The only thing they would need to know is if any of the words in the script were specific to any particular meaning at the time and perhaps they might need to know how to read the Arabic handwriting. Apart from that the text is understandable.  

So what are the factors that played a role in this? Was it the passion of the people or was it just luck? It would be great if we can discuss this and share views on it. We know that the Arabic language found its way into the Americas through the slaves from West Africa; which indicates that the West Africans were well versed in Arabic. This shows that Arabic was a language known and understood far beyond the Arabian peninsular, and was once the language of trade and commerce and education.  

What do we need to do to preserve a language to such a high degree of purity and precision?  

I will keep this post at the top so we can share ideas- waiting to hear what you guys think, then I will post a series of pages on why I think Arabic has remained intact.  

Whose first to comment? 

Old Arabic manuscript