“The Arabic Language is in Danger”: says King Saud University President

 The King Saud University (KSU) inaugurated an international seminar on Arabic language challenges last Sunday. The seminar – Arabic Curricula Issues: theory and application – lasted three days and shed lights on all aspects of Arabic language in seminars addressed by a galaxy of Arab and American and western professors.

 Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Uthman, KSU President, addressed the attendance and said it was important to care about the Arabic language in the era of satellite channels and internet where languages other than Arabic endanger its status, and keeps people in general away from the language of the Holy Quran. “This is why; the specialist linguists should turn attention to the thing that gnaws the backbone of Arabic silently.” He praised the Saudi women’s role in maintaining Arabic language and literature.

 Dr. Nura Al-Shamlan, chairwoman of the seminar, said work has been under way for more than one year and half to prepare for such international seminar. “The seminar comes out with the best of your brainstorming in a 800-page book comprising all peer-reviewed researches of the faculties,” she said in her speech in the seminar.


Taken from KSU official website:www.ksu.edu.sa

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